How to fix a squeaky garage door.

Your garage door is most likely the largest moving object on your home. It needs a little TLC sometimes to keep it running good. If your door is making a squeaking noise it may need lubricated. Select a lubricant from your local hardware store or from Don Murphy Doors. Once this is done you want to close your garage door and lubricate all the rollers, track, springs, hinges etc. After lubricating the door your will want to operate the door a few cycles to work in the lube. If you are still having noise from your door system it could be your opener, it usually requires a different lubricant to be applied, also available at hardware stores or Don Murphy Doors. Read your opener manual before lubricating the garage door opener. Different openers require lubrication in different places. After lubing door and opener system, if you are still having noise coming from your door system you should give Don Murphy Door a call at 513-771-6087 for a service call it is most likely something more then just lubricant can fix.

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