Dan The Doorman Garage Doors

Dan the Doorman, Inc. was originally started in 1976 by four fireman as a moonlighting, part-time effort. Incorporating in 1979 and remaining part-time until 1986 when Dan the Doorman, Inc. was purchased by the Marshall family. The Marshall Family realized the potential for a company with a catchy name offering an excellent quality of product and providing expert installation and service.

Dan the Doorman, Inc. is an authorized dealer for Wayne Dalton and Genie products as well as other residential and commercial door products. Dan the Doorman, Inc. is a member of the Cincinnati Better Business Burea, Clermont's Chamber of Commerce, Home Builders Association of America, The National Door and Operator's Dealers Association, and the 100 Club.

Why Dan the Doorman?

There are a variety of sources you can use in purchasing or obtaining services for garage door products. The most popular of which is the door dealer professional or Dan the Doorman! Garage door dealers are often the most reliable and dependable source for several reasons. These include experience, knowledge, and most importantly, the fact that we at Dan The Doorman make our living by selling, installing, and servicing your door system.

Safety is always a PRIMARY concern. A garage door is often the largest moving object in a home or commercial business facility. An improperly installed door and operator system can exert tremendous force when the door closes. This could lead to the entrapment of children or adults, and subsequent injury--or worse! Therefore, selecting the right person to install and service your door and/or operator is an extremely serious decision. It is not one that should be taken lightly!

There are thousands of door dealers in the business today. What can you do to assure yourself that Dan The Doorman is the right one for you? We have provided these five checkpoints to put your mind at ease:

Of all the five checkpoints, this is perhaps the easiest to validate. Dan The Doorman has been in business for over 22 years and combined working experience of over 50 years!

This may be the most important checkpoint. And it is also very easy to verify! Does Dan the Doorman have satisfied customers? We would be more than happy to provide references to you and job sites that we have been performing our services! See for yourself as our work speaks for itself!

Code and Regulatory Compliance
There are numerous requirements pertaining to safety and the installation of a garage door system. Federal, state and local codes and regulations must be followed. Ask us how we comply we these codes and regulations!

Insurance Coverage
Dan the Doorman carries proper insurance on both our business and our employees. One checkpoint that you as a consumer can be assured of is the ability and coverage that the job will get done right! We would be more than happy to provide you with Certificates of Insurance.

Financial Integrity
Depending on the size of your project, financial integrity of a door dealer can be very important. Although this is a sensitive issue, a dependable, honest door dealer such as Dan The Doorman won't mind telling you about the basic financial integrity of this company.

Selecting Dan The Doorman as your door dealer is as simple as asking a few questions. The most important deals with issue of liability, dependability, knowledge, trustworthy, and safety conscious can help you avoid tremendous problems in the future!

Stop in and talk to us! Our door is always open!